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The Farmer's Son
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Resilience : The Farmer's Son

Neither my origin nor the color of my skin or my past should represent a handicap for my future. Born into a family of farmers and the second son of 17 brothers and sisters, Salamane presents here the challenges of life, his experiences, his journey and seven (7) key lessons for anyone who wants to develop and grow their business, their leadership, relationships, and life in general. This topic aims to inspire, motivate, and teach audiences to reconnect with themselves, find creative and innovative ideas while enjoying what life has to offer. If you have questions about what to do, how to do it, and why to do it, then this conference is for you.

When to Start?


The power of small beginnigs : When to Start?

Everything has a beginning. Everything has its time. But very often, many people wonder when is the best time to undertake, when is the best time to develop oneself, when is the right time to start this or that project?

In this conference, Salamane gives 5 elements to enlighten his audiences on the right moment. These segments cover personal vocation, offering one's talents/expertise, becoming a person of value, building an ecosystem, and knowing how to pass the baton. These themes are developed with humour, inspiration, and education to motivate his audience to combine thoughts, words, and intentional actions to create the change that each person desires. Do you sometimes question your life, your entrepreneurial mindset, your leadership, your career, or your relationship? If the answer is yes! This conference is for you.

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My Africa, beyond the news!
Image by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii


My Africa, beyond the news!

What is really going on in this continent? Cradle of humanity for some, poor continent and off a bad start for others, continent of wars and famines and all the problems, my Africa is generally depicted in the news as the black sheep of yesterday, the featherless bird of today and the uncertainty of tomorrow. But who knows Africa better than those who live there or who have lived there? This conference aims to portray another Africa, which is moving in its own direction, despite the pangs, the challenges and the vicissitudes and the unforeseen events. This conference aims to inspire in the first place the Africans themselves and mainly those who do not know much about my Africa. Based on stories, experiences and real facts, this conference aims to inspire, motivate, teach, and give an informed perspective. If you want to know the other Africa, then this conference is for you!

Questioning the Past to Build the Future


Questioning the Past to Build the Future

How can we learn from the past to build a better future? If there's anything no one can deny, it's the past. The past is part of us and sometimes our past can slow us down in achieving our next goals, or our past can be a motivator that pushes us to grow and achieve more. So, how can we learn from the past so that we can build a better future? This conference aims to inspire and encourage people to draw inspiration from their past and create a clear path for a new and more productive future.

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Beyond the Diploma


Beyond the Diploma

If knowledge is power, knowledge applied and refined is more powerful. This conference inspires and teaches people the importance of gaining knowledge, and more importantly, we show people the fundamentals to apply, refine and reflect in terms of results. So how does one move from knowledge to applied and refined knowledge? This talk aims to give participants the means to become people of value, people of courage, people of success and people who dare to challenge the conformity and the status quo.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

To pass an exam or move on to the next level, you may just need to have the average grade. It turns out that many people live the average while they have the skills and competencies to achieve excellence. In an ever-changing society where challenges assail us from all sides, many people are content to be just ordinary while deep down they aspire to be or become better, extraordinary. Better in their relationships, better in their businesses, better in their careers, better for themselves and better within their communities. Many believe that it is necessary to do the extraordinary and the popular things to be better. But the reality may be quite different. Someone once said: ‘‘success is doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways’’. Another person said: ‘‘success is the result of the sum of small daily disciplines.’’ But then, what is the process for doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways? How does one get out of the average to propel themselves towards the optimum? This conference provides participants with the tools and steps to not only stop putting things off until tomorrow, but above all to start operating the practical mechanisms to get out of the average to become better.

Image by Clay Banks


Cultivate it, prune it!

Refining one's expertise, working one's talent so that the expertise and the talent work for us are among other secrets in the process of fulfilling our earthly calling. Like the farmer, the strength and fecundity of a seed are linked to several factors. The best calling or vocation can remain dull if it is not aligned or supported by strong and consistent foundations. From this point of view, what are the foundations that promote the sustainability of one’s expertise or one’s talent? This conference inspires audiences by discussing the importance of four (4) pillars including values, principles, mindset, and character.


Building a winning team culture!

An African saying goes: if you want fast, go alone, but if you want far, then go together. Going together and going far involve steps and processes to keep the team united, inspired, productive and successful. This conference inspires and teaches teams, team leaders and leaders to create and nurture a healthy, collaborative, productive and high performing team.

Image by Mars
Image by Nick Fewings


Choose to lead!

Becoming an influential leader is a choice. Impacting your environment is a decision. Neither the title, nor the origin, nor the experiences, even less the number of diplomas, awards a person the quality of influential leadership. Also, anyone can hold a leadership position, but few people are true leaders of influence. So, how do you become an influential leader? Is there a particular process or mechanism to follow to become an influential leader? This conference is based on the principle that influential leadership is accessible to all people. From this point of view, this interaction proposes five key principles for building influential leadership and three (3) other fundamentals for promoting the sustainability of influential leadership.


From setback to bounce-back!

Setbacks are an integral part of life. As Nelson Mandela said: Don't judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell and got back up. No matter where we are in life, we will experience setbacks. However, if we want to bounce back, we must be ready to change and to cooperate with the change which is an inescapable vector of life. We must learn to take advantage of setbacks by seizing opportunities. So, how do we rise to the surface and propel ourselves as we encounter mountains of difficulties? How does one turn the obstacle into the way? This conference offers five (5) avenues to project us forward despite the challenges of the moment.

Image by Dileep M
Image by Anne Nygård


A Glimpse of Us: The Power of Our Roots!

We make our history just as history makes us. As black and proud of it, we have made history enormously and history has made us. Of all the battles, we have been there. Sometimes misunderstood or hidden, our history is that of great inventors, intrepid conquerors, creators of change and influential leaders who continue to create the furrows of the sustainable transformation of our humanity. This message is a moment to pay tribute to the black precursors who made history and that history has made. Engaging, questioning, inspiring and instructive, this conference aims to reveal who we are as black people, but above all to project ourselves into the future as black people.


An Hymne of Hope

Does it seem like despair is pushing the light of hope away? Do you feel like life is getting worse? With the high rising of the cost of living, the mounting of disasters, the duel between 2 sides of our social settings. For many people, it looks to like it becoming more difficult to piece together the puzzle of Hope. As the light of the of sun goes down inevitably to leave the place to obscurity, it seems like the light of hope is fading, the window of hopefulness seems to be closing and the bud of optimism appears to be blown away by the winds of gloom, despair and anxiety. Yet, there is still hope. Yet, humanity is still possible, and everyone of us should stand with a new candle of light in the midst of the fierce storm of hopelessness. We All should wake up the fierceness and the brilliance of Hope within us. In this talk, we will discover why we should keep Hope alive and cultivate it, what it should be about, how to hope, and who should one’s be hoping with?

Image by Niklas Ohlrogge
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