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The “Beyond” Principles

Beyond Ordinary
Image by Joshua Fuller


Beyond Ordinary

Is there something in your life that you wish would become better? Are you having the impression that you maybe missing the extraordinary achievement in at least one area of your life? Are you longing for an extraordinary breakthrough in a specific part of your being? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you.  At this end of this program, you will be skilled, inspired, and motivated to move from the Ordinary to the Extra-Ordinary. The program includes 7 tangible principles that equip you to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. These principles consist of:

  • Moving one’s thinking

  • Motivating one’s dreams

  • Cultivating champion’s habits

  • Excelling in one’s deeds

  • Inspiring oneself    

  • Enhancing one’s relationships

  • Embracing the power of grace

Beyond Now


Beyond Now

Do you face tomorrow with apprehension or with anticipation? How do you maximize today while tomorrow is being designed? Every moment matter and planning the future while you focus on today is vital. The program includes 7 concrete principles that equip you to set goals and achieve them. These principles consist of:

  • Who

  • What

  • Why

  • Where

  • When

  • How

  • Whom

Image by Johannes Plenio
Beyond Talents
Image by Reinaldo Kevin


Beyond Talents

As John Maxwell well-quoted Edouard Pailleron who once highlighted “Have success and there will always be fools to say that you have talents”. As a diamond is found in the dirt and the dust, talent at first is rusty, and it is covered with mud. How do you move your “diamond” from the dust to a luxury boutique where you can expand its value? It is imperative that talent needs to be polished, chiseled and tested. The program includes 7 perceptible principles that equip you to maximise your talent or your expertise.


  • Discovering your talent

  • Activating the pulse of your talent

  • Refining your talent

  • Testing your talent

  • Honing your talent

  • Expanding your talent

  • Establishing influence through your talent

Beyond School


Beyond School

If knowledge is power, knowledge applied and refined is more powerful. How does one move from knowledge to applied and refined knowledge? The program includes 7 tangible principles that equip you to cultivate a fulfilling route as you embrace a new journey after your studies. It focuses on:

  • Optimism

  • Choice

  • Attitude

  • Character   

  • Resilience

  • Teachability

  • Responsibility

Image by Sangga Rima Roman Selia
Beyond Business
Image by Jae Tabuada


Beyond Business

It is one thing to start a business, but it is another to sustain it. This program taps into 7 practical principles which encourage people to get into business, as well as equipping them to better navigate the business world. It includes:


  • Finding a vocation

  • Knowing your environment

  • Focusing on service

  • Sharpening one’s competencies  

  • Seizing opportunities

  • Adapting to change

  • Elevating your standards  


Beyond Landing

As a newcomer to Canada, most people feel free, happy, and excited to start the new journey in the land of opportunities. But, for many people, challenges start pilling up after sometime. Subsequently, the sentiment of freedom, happiness and excitement begins to slowly vanish. This program is mainly focused on helping, inspiring and motivating newcomers to navigate their new reality. It includes 7 principles as:


  • Adapting to the new lifestyle

  • Adjusting to cultural differences

  • Building relationships

  • Learning the rule of law

  • Developing a career game plan

  • Seizing new opportunities

  • Cultivating resilience

Image by Brian Wangenheim
Beyond Landing
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