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Developing Leaders

Developing Self-Leadership: DSL
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Developing Self-Leadership: DSL

Leading others involves knowing how to lead oneself first. For the most part, everyone is their own leader and influencer, but few people are leading themselves with purpose. Not to mention only a few leads themselves for a specific purpose, in a productive, and successful way. This program helps participants to:

  • Identify and clarify potential and stand as a self-leader

  • Understand and own personality in relation to vision and goals

  • Re-examine one's human skills, values, habit, attitude and lifestyle

  • Build an ecosystem of self-confidence and personal growth to become an intentional leader

  • Increase ability to pivot in the face of change and challenges

Developing Healthy Leadership Influence: DHLI


Developing Healthy Leadership Influence: DHLI

Cultivating a healthy influence leadership is unique to one’s ability to influence others in a positive way so that together we become true agents of change.  Influential leadership is inherent to our competencies to create a vision, to get others to buy in and unite them around that vision, to inspire, to motivate, to coach and to mentor them to pursue the vision. This program helps participants to:

  • Develop a vision and unite others around the vision

  • Inspire, motivate, coach and mentor others to work in realization of the common vision

  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships with others

  • Expand productive communication competencies

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Developing Healthy Managerial Competencies: DHCC
Image by Adeolu Eletu


Developing Healthy Managerial Competencies: DHCC

Managers are on the front line in executing the vision, carrying out the mission, and holding onto the objectives of the organization. Also, managers have a considerable impact on the commitment, motivation, well-being, work satisfaction, quality, retention, and maximization of the potential of the team. Furthermore, managers are often caught between three (3) sets of fire: The ambitions of the leader, the needs of the team members, and the personal challenges of the manager. This program helps participants to:

  • Find the balance between the 3 requirements: Leader Ambitions, Team Member Needs and Personal Challenges

  • Understand and deploy tips to mobilize, inspire, and motivate the team

  • Optimize and live the 6Cs and the WBEPP within your Team: Communication, Contribution, Collaboration, Cohesion, Confidence, Connection, Well-Being, Performance, Productivity

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