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Salamane Yameogo

Chief Executive Officer

Born in the farm and eldest of 17 siblings, I draw my resilience and optimism from where I come from, my journey of encountering different cultures, people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and my hope for a more radiant and promising future than yesterday! Also, from an early age until today, I have experienced the help, the service of such gracious people who have encouraged, taught, inspired, motivated and mentored me in multiple and multifaceted ways.  I believe that I'm not a self-made man, I'm a people-made man. I see in my journey and in my future a grace that accompanies me, and every day I am grateful for the visible and the invisible that shapes me, inspires me, motivates me and mentors me. Today and for as long as I can, I aspire to teach, inspire, motivate and mentor (TIMM) other people to  invest in the intentional development of winning competencies to become a competitive advantage. My ambition is to help you:  Unleash your competencies to reinvent what's possible   Release your true potential and connect it to your life purpose  Seize opportunities and build a reliable ecosystem around your visio  Find clarity, confidence, and courage to strive for sustainable achievement  Increase your resilience to better pivot  I am a motivational speaker, personal growth trainer, a business consultant, a mentor, and the host of The SY Voice.



  • Master of Arts in War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada

  • Master of Arts in Development Studies, University of Geneva

  • Master of Laws, University of Ouagadougou 

  • Certified ColourSpecttrums TM Facilitator

  • Certificate in Crucial Conversations, Vital Smart

  • Certificate in Accelerator Coaching, Essential Impact

  • Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Certificate in Dare to Build Confidence

  • Certificate in Mastering Collaborative Intelligence Processes

  • Certificate in Respect at the Workplace and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

  • Certificate in Fight against Unconscious Bias at the Workplac

  • Certificate in Doubling Your Social Skills and Instantly Connect with People

  • Diploma in Life Coach Practitioner

  • Certified Life Coaching Practitioner

  • Master Life Coach Certification Accreditation

Jean-Paul Gasigwa


I am a brother, a friend, a free thinker who is interested in everyday life and all matters relating to it (politics, economy, family etc.). A former graduate of Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta, today I am in the professional life and still charting my course by discovering myself at all the new stages that life decides to offer me. I remain passionate about issues of human rights, cultural diversity, and equity. A strong believer in the strength of work, and in the personal will in the accomplishment of oneself.


  • Graduate of Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta

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Alice Musele

Associate and Trainer

I am a Young Ambassador for Equity, Social Justice and Youth Empowerment, and the Coordinator of the Children and Leadership in Action (ELA) Retreat. I am interested in science, politics and I am passionate about cooking, dance, fashion and public speaking. I am much more touched by social injustices that I strive daily to bring hope. As such, I believe that every human being is called to accomplish something in this society. Furthermore, I am convinced that young people have so much potential and talents that they can deploy to serve their communities and therefore to pursue their dreams and change things on the bright side.


  • Bachelor of Psychological and Biological Sciences

  • University of Alberta's Campus Saint Jean,

  • Winner of many Awards and Certificates in various sectors: Health, Social Justice, Nutrition, Community Services, Fashion, Public Speaking

Yves Kouassi

Associate & Trainer

My name is Yves Kouassi and I was born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, into a family working in the medical field. From a young age, I was passionate about science, then pharmacy because it is the profession practiced by my father. Very early on, I wrote down the names of the drugs and their mode of action. Then, after I got my High School Diploma in scientific series, my parents decided to have me fly to Canada in order to continue my studies in science.

Since then, my passion has continued to grow as I completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. As I live far from my parents, I practice sports, yoga, fasting, martial arts and meditation in order to stay focus.


  • Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), in progress

  • Certificate in Nutrition and Health

  • Volunteer, AJFAS Association

  • Volunteer, Alberta Health Network, (Michelle Dion)


Kazir Coulibaly

Consultant and Trainer

Upon his arrival in Canada in 2015, in Edmonton, Kazir Coulibaly has volunteered in several English and French organizations. He was President of the Edmonton Ivoiro-Canadian Community and Vice-President of the Federation of Ivorian Associations of Canada. His commitment and passion for community economic development and the successful integration of new Canadians has led him to be the recipient of the African Community Leader Award in 2019, and the Government of Alberta's recognition in 2020. He is a Board member of ELIP (Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership), Board Member of UniTheatre and the Communauté Francophone Accueillante (CFA). But above all, he is a serial entrepreneur. He is the Founder of G-MINA Enterprises in Côte d'Ivoire, Kazir Consulting in Alberta, a consulting firm in economic and social development created in 2016 just one year after Kazir arrived to Canada. Kazir is the Founder and CEO of Alberta African Arts and Cultural Centre (AAACCENT).



  • Master’s Degree Computer Science and New Technologies

  • Diploma in Management and Business Administration

  • Coursework in Community Economic Development, University of Calgary

  • Coursework in Business Attraction and Investment, University of Calgary

  • Coursework in Politics in the City, University of Calgary

  • Certificate in Innovation and Strategy, University of Harvard

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