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Future∞Fit is a baton of transmission zone in the relay race of life. At Future∞Fit, we equip present generations to be the best sprinters of their time, but also to become the best torchbearers when the time comes for them to pass on the stick on to the next generations. The younger generation is brimming with ingenuity, talent, and potential, and they aspire more than ever to be at the heart of change, that goes without saying they want to be agents of change. However, they remain inexperienced or barely trained to fully play their role. From this point of view, Future∞Fit wants to be the leader in equipping, teaching, and inspiring the younger generation to take charge of their destiny and become precursors of the desired changes. The Future∞Fit program includes: Fit4Life; Fit2Lead; Fit4Business and Fit4Career.


Life is not easy. It comes with its quirks and obstacles. This does not mean, however, that one cannot learn to live. As the old Stoic adage goes, “to live is to learn to die”. In other words, try to live cheerfully and see life on the bright side despite its possible unpleasant surprises. This program seeks to demonstrate that life is like a river that sometimes bumps against a rock but does not prevent itself from continuing to flow. Such is life, hence the exhortation and the call to take charge of your life and see it on the bright side.

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To be a leader is to be at the service of others and to be an eternal apprentice of life. It is therefore important to emphasize that leadership is not something innate. But rather a learning that stems from one’s will and one’s initiative to want to impact the change around them. To be a leader is both to be a servant of others, but also to grow from within through the sacrifices one’s make for the good of all. As the South African saying Ubuntu goes; “I am, because we are”. In this spirit, this program aims to promote the sense of leadership while exposing the different facets of this endeavour.

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Business has become an integral part of our society. Today's world is a business world. With the various technological advances that further propel the various flows of exchanges from one end of the world to another, it is therefore essential that as players in this economy you are interested in how to be part of it. In other words, how can you get started in the business world. This program brings the necessary energy to equip you with practical strategies to get ahead in the world of business. Starting from the mentality guide to have to the execution of your plan.

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Today’s career follows a weave pathway. Maybe you are starting your career or transitioning or changing to something completely different. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you find yourself on, the career question is an important one in building your persona and identity as a unique individual. So how do you design your career and how do you follow through your career goals? This program offers you an exchange on the demystification around the career planning as well as tips on creating key performance indicators for a successful and rewarding career.

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