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Africa Business Advantage


Data Analysis

Our data-driven research and analysis provides high-quality, relevant, and timely information, insights, and perspectives on francophone Africa and Alberta relations. If you have a specific market, sector, or issue area you need to learn more about, FABA is one call away to provide with the right help...


Network Facilitation

We provide on-the-ground and virtual business acclimatization and networking opportunities in key markets in Francophone Africa or Alberta for industry groups and corporate stakeholders. As we work closely with other governments and institutional partners. 


Advisory Services

We’re here to support your engagement through expert briefings and workshops that will convey a deeper understanding of issues, opportunities, challenges in both francophone Africa and Alberta business landscape. These services provide timely and accurate insights including, but are not limited to, research reports, strategic consulting specific to your organization, networking, latest data on the market tendencies....


Engagement Speaking

We are home to top thinkers and advisors on Alberta-Francophone Africa relations. If you need a subject matter expert to speak at your next conference or event, or help designing a workshop with content related to Francophone Africa or Alberta, please get in touch. We’d be happy to propose....


Competency Training

ABA provides Africa competency training programs for public and private sector actors at all levels. These training and education initiatives aim to develop the knowledge and skills required for Albertans to engage successfully with a new global economy pivoted towards francophone African market. These sessions can be focused by region, country, or industry and range from a beginner’s level to an advanced one on how to engage strategically with the new market from both sides.

Let's Work Together

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