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Salamane Yameogo

Chief Executive Officer

Born in the farm and eldest of 17 siblings, I draw my resilience and optimism from where I come from, my journey of encountering different cultures, people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and my hope for a more radiant and promising future than yesterday! Also, from an early age until today, I have experienced the help, the service of such gracious people who have encouraged, taught, inspired, motivated and mentored me in multiple and multifaceted ways.  I believe that I'm not a self-made man, I'm a people-made man. I see in my journey and in my future a grace that accompanies me, and every day I am grateful for the visible and the invisible that shapes me, inspires me, motivates me and mentors me.

Today and for as long as I can, I aspire to teach, inspire, motivate and mentor (TIMM) other people to

invest in the intentional development of winning competencies to become a competitive advantage. My ambition is to help you:

  • Unleash your competencies to reinvent what's possible 

  • Release your true potential and connect it to your life purpose

  • Seize opportunities and build a reliable ecosystem around your visio

  • Find clarity, confidence, and courage to strive for sustainable achievement

  • Increase your resilience to better pivot

I am a motivational speaker, personal growth trainer, a business consultant, a mentor, and the host of The SY Voice.



  • Master of Arts in War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada

  • Master of Arts in Development Studies, University of Geneva

  • Master of Laws, University of Ouagadougou 

  • Certified ColourSpecttrums TM Facilitator

  • Certificate in Crucial Conversations, Vital Smart

  • Certificate in Accelerator Coaching, Essential Impact

  • Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Certificate in Dare to Build Confidence

  • Certificate in Mastering Collaborative Intelligence Processes

  • Certificate in Respect at the Workplace and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

  • Certificate in Fight against Unconscious Bias at the Workplac

  • Certificate in Doubling Your Social Skills and Instantly Connect with People

  • Diploma in Life Coach Practitioner

  • Certified Life Coaching Practitioner

  • Master Life Coach Certification Accreditation

Jean-Paul Gasigwa


I am a brother, a friend, a free thinker who is interested in everyday life and all matters relating to it (politics, economy, family etc.). A former graduate of Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta, today I am in the professional life and still charting my course by discovering myself at all the new stages that life decides to offer me. I remain passionate about issues of human rights, cultural diversity, and equity. A strong believer in the strength of work, and in the personal will in the accomplishment of oneself.


  • Graduate of Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta

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