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Module 1 Idea Business
Image by Sarah Dorweiler


Module 1: Turning an idea into business

  • Finding your calling

  • Spot and seize opportunities

  • Serving your talents or expertise

  • Developing into the entrepreneur’s mindset to learn the essentials for start-ups

  • Getting to know and refining your business idea

  • Designing the business footing

  • Embarking on the service of the cause and others

Module 2 Beyond


Module 2: Beyond Business

  • Nurturing Personal competencies: creativity, determination, integrity, tenacity, emotional balance and self-criticism

  • Fostering Interpersonal competencies: communication, engagement/charisma, delegation, respect

  • Expanding business competencies: business vision, resource management, networking, negotiating skills.

Image by Nubelson Fernandes
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