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The Full Story

Our story

Our company started from a double observation. First, our journey and our future reveal to us that there is a gap between the possession of knowledge, skills and abilities and the fulfillment of our Purpose. Second, having potential or expertise is not enough to excel and achieve real change.  So, there's a missing link, and that central piece of the raison d'être puzzle is called Competency, and its pivot is called Core Competencies. This is understood as the posture of a person to combine knowledge, skills and attitudes in an efficient and effective way in the pursuit of its vocation, its mission of life, in short, its Raison d'Être. That's why NSCC’s vision is to unleash the core competencies of those driving change. Helping our partners reinvent what is possible by effectively mixing the trio: knowledge, aptitude and attitude to achieve the desired success and significance.  We start from the idea that today's changes and strategies for the future will remain the product of the harnessing of ideas, and especially the intentional implementation of human core competencies. At NSCC, we are focused on:

  • Helping people who drive change to unleash their indispensable competencies

  • Equipping people to assess, clarify, reclaim and refine their potential;

  • Inspiring and motivating individuals to reach their full potential;

  • Getting people to make the link between maximizing potential and their raison d'être by taking ordinary purposeful actions in an extraordinary way


Our Fields of Intervention:

  • Non-governmental organizations

  • Public and private sector

  • Education System

  • Community and Social Services organizations

Our Vision

Unleashing the core competencies of those who drive change

Image by Samson
Image by Sean Stratton

Our Principles

The guiding principles of NSCC are the cornerstone of its success. These principles aim to:

• Inspire change

• Build together

• Make a difference

• Serve by example

• Reinvent the possible

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